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October 26th, 2013

we provide solutions to IT, Embedded and electronics related services. We provide turnkey solutions and integrated level solutions to corporate customers. We also are in business of training professionals.

Yes we are new startups but that doesn't mean we lack experience and knowledge. We have strong academic background and skill set to back our work. We use latest tools and technology to develop software.

We Develop Image Processing and Image Analysis products using ms vc++. 
We Develop and integrate windows ce device drivers.
We Develop device drivers for windows specific hardware dongles. 


Present Projects :

 IT Projects...

Development of Image Processing Software for RISAT sattelite microwave images.

Development of software protection dongle device driver.

Integration of win ce 6.0 in arm 11 based platrform.

Projects On Embedded Systems... ·micro Robot           

 The project involves designing a Robot which will be half of the size of a coin with MSP430F2013 controller and A3901 QFN package motor Driver, Full River Li poly battery, Didel Micro Motors and Micro Gears. The Project is sponsored by industry as research project. Also involves designing JTAG programmer for MSP430.            

200 Robots  

The project involves designing 200 robots in which every robot will have the ca
pability to be controlled from anywhere in the world with Mobile phones and all thousand robots will be also in the command of one master to start and stop.The whole thing involves participation of as many as 5 people. They will also demonstrate the capability of collision avoidance with each other.    

·A Research Project on Designing Two Embedded cards based on PTH and SMT
Client: I2IT Pvt Ltd.
The project involves designing of Embedded cards based on PTH technology and SMT technology and address the design issues and benefits of packaging technology in embedded hardware domain particularly focusing EMI,EMC, parasitic effects, power and space savings. To be offered for the corporate training program.              


.Completed 450 robots capable of being controlled from anywhere in the world with any mobile phone. The robots were designed with three different techniques by using Breadboard, on a designed PCB with PTH technology and on SMT PCB. It involved the participation of 150 students from across India from various learning background like